TEMUR ARCHITECTURE is solution oriented and multi disciplinary architectural and interior design company with the principals; creativity, quality and perfection

TEMUR is a creative service company with the mission to go further and make innovations happen. TEMUR is an architectural and interior design company that gives service to many companies in many different concepts with its experienced and creative team. TEMUR is a pioneer in the design world, with its innovative, practical, functional and rational attitude as well as being investigative, bold and enterpreneur.

TEMUR is a concept producing factory, with a happy team and happy customers. The ideas are realised with the best timing, cost and quality solutions. TEMUR aims to be happy and give happiness to the customers through all the stages of the project. We like to work in a joyful spirit as a motivation to lead us to best results. We don’t only work for our customers, we exist as a part of the corporate existence of our customers throughout the project. TEMUR’s diversive approach is international and will be spreading wider, representing our country all over the world.


Founded by Süleyman Kaplan and Mevlüt Kaplan and being managed by İsmail Kaplan and Fahri Kaplan today; Astas has been continuing to its activities with the mission of being the leader in sector not only in Turkey, but also in many countries of the World since 1958. Our main purpose is to offer the most quality in the fastest manner and to make them satisfied.

With the aim of keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level as our main purpose, we design our own models, we offer fast solutions to our customers, we never compensate for the quality and we look for not the good, but the best in our work. It is a great award for us that ASTAS is the choice of leading names in business and art world and statesmen and that our signature as ASTAS is put on many prestigious projects both in our country and around the World.