Waterproofing Layer

Ensure that there is a waterproofing layer in place before you actually install any wall stone. Regardless if you cement them or glue them up, the stones still need to be installed on top of a waterproof layer that sheds water to keep it from damaging the structure behind. Installing the stones without waterproofing can lock in moisture that will rot the walls or foundation.

Glue Type and Use

Contact cement, silicone adhesives, epoxy glues and all-purpose construction adhesives can all work with Style Art Wall products. Glue can be found in buckets and you use a notched trowel to apply the glue to the wall, such as with natural stone mastics. The notch size is determined by the size of stone; refer to the glue manufacturer guidelines for the appropriate size of trowel. A 3/8-inch notch is common for 12-inch tiles, with larger and smaller tiles requiring larger and smaller notches. Egg-sized daubs are good for 12-inch tiles; smaller or larger tiles will require less or more. They are then pressed into place, moved and spaced with wedges to accommodate joints in some installations, allowed to dry, grouted and finished.


Individual pieces that need to be resized for around wall outlets or fixtures or into corners and similar areas can be fixed with a tile wet saw, since these are essentially natural stone tiles that are being installed vertically.